You won’t have time to waste if you don’t stock up on magic and health. You will be restricted to the area and forced to fight harpees and gorgons in the courtyard ahead if you cross the long bridge. Because they now have an unblockable dive attack that you must avoid, the harpies here are significantly more challenging than the harpies you have previously encountered. When the harpies rear up for this attack, you will see a red bullseye target on the ground, signaling when to roll away. Tunnel Passages & God of War Gameplay.

Tunnel Passages & God of War Gameplay

Concentrate first on eliminating the harpies while avoiding the gorgons’ stone gaze as they join the fight one at a time. When all enemies are defeated, the courtyard’s magical barriers will fall down, allowing you to obtain the Gorgon Eye and Phoenix Feather from nearby chests. On either side of the building in front of you, there are also two chests with red orbs hidden inside. Jump up to the narrow ledge above them from the building’s exterior ends to reach them.

Enter the building and race up the long flight of stairs until you reach a room full of harpies. All harpies must be eliminated before moving on to the next area, but if you just kill them, they will reappear indefinitely. Two statues that Kratos can move are on the far side of the room. Guide the statues to the two holes in the walls through which the harpies are entering the hall after you grab them and kick them onto the room’s main floor.

You can begin slaughtering the enemies once you have plugged both holes, effectively clearing the room. When there are no enemies in the room; A Gorgon Eye and a Red Ord chest are on either side of the door you entered the room through, and you must now ascend the stairs to reach the balcony above before ascending the swooping stairway to the left (behind a door you must open).

To get to the other side of the hallway, you can balance across the falling rafters, but first, look for a platform on the left wall of the room where you can jump. To obtain a second Gorgon Eye, jump and break the glass. Continue clearing out the legionnaires down the hall until you reach the next large area when you reach the other side.

You must save the Oracle, who is hanging by a rope and about to fall. Simply grab the two statues on either side of the entrance to this area and push them off the far side of the platform you’re on, and you don’t need to hurry for the time being. To build a tall tower and move it toward the dangling Oracle, stack them on top of each other. You can jump across to the ivy-covered wall by pushing the stacked statues against the rock wall, as shown in the image below.

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