Releasing the Phoenix | God of War 2

A path that leads outside and to a horn is at the top of the chain. After activating the horn and freeing the Phoenix by pressing R1, jump onto the shorter column to the right and descend into the courtyard. You can jump onto the taller column to your left from there, and you can use that platform to reach a walkway on the left side of the palace. Head inside once the door is opened. Releasing the Phoenix | God of War 2

Releasing the Phoenix | God of War 2

A wall on the left can be raised by pulling the lever just inside. You can reach the ceiling by climbing this wall, where Kratos can strike the two glimmering chains that run along the wall. Small gates open when the chains are broken. Pull the small pedestal out from behind one gate and grab the red orbs from behind the other.

To move the wall to the left, pull the lever in the room a second time. Before placing the pedestal on the platform you just dropped, you need to kill a few weak enemies. With just a little bit of the pedestal hanging off, you want the majority of it to be on the platform. You need the pedestal to prop open a gap between the rising platform and the ceiling when you pull the lever a third time.

Pull the pedestal out and jump through the opening to let the platform rise all the way up. Jump on top of the pedestal and break the chains that keep the gate closed by moving the pedestal toward the gate. A crank can be seen to the left, just through the gate. Turn it around to raise the courtyard columns outside.

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