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A lever at the ladder’s top turns a massive crossbow in the distance. Before turning the crossbow, fire it once (it ought to be pointing right). Two chests containing red orbs are exposed when this breaks through a wall. To aim it at the broken wall to the left, pull the lever twice. After that, you can smash the wall with a huge arrow to open a chest with a Phoenix Feather. You can use a heavy arrow to smash the wooden door with the crossbow by pulling the lever a third time and pointing it straight ahead. Go down the hall and turn left as the door is broken. You can descend to a hallway below, where there are some enemies, a chest with a Gorgon Eye, and a gate to the courtyard outside. Gates of Athens | God of War | GOW Gameplay

Gates of Athens | God of War | GOW Gameplay

Take the ladder on the right side of the hall this time and backtrack to the area with the crossbow. A ledge with a view of the outdoor courtyard will greet you as you exit. Jump onto the rock wall to the left and fight off the enemies in the area to climb around the building’s exterior. When you first attempt to climb the wall, descend to the first ledge on your left, right, above the ladder at the rock wall’s base. Jump to the two red orb chests you revealed earlier after falling to the building’s roof. From here, you can descend into the courtyard and return to the hallway where you opened the courtyard gate and discovered the gorgon’s eye.

Return to the ladder on the right side of the hall after climbing up the ladder. Again, climb the rock wall, but this time keep moving along the walls, first to the right and then downward to reach another landing while fighting off legionnaires. A single enemy and the head of a massive statue that you can tip over are located to the left of this landing. You will gain access to a new platform from which you can ascend to the top of another building if you push the statue over and it crashes into the ground.

Use the broken head of the statue to climb the courtyard’s ground level ladder to the left. You’ll have to fight two gorgons at the top platform; use the same strategies you used against Medusa to defeat them and then climb the ladder to the next platform. Above, there are two minotaurs, and when one of them dies, a second gorgon will appear. You can use the pillars to your left as stepping stones to another platform after you eliminate them and hack away at them.

Before you can use the crossbow and fling an arrow to the other side of the chasm, you’ll have to fight more enemies. You can climb across by jumping on the rope, but you should probably immediately drop back onto the platform and fight the enemies that appear behind you. There will be a number of legionnaires on either side of you as you cross the rope. By pressing the quick attack button five times in a row, you can eliminate them in a matter of seconds. Drop down the ladder at the end of the rope after clearing the way across.

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