Dock of Athens: God of War on PS2

In a ship’s hull, you’ll begin the level. There are no enemies to worry about, but you can have sex with the women on the bed in a minigame. You will be rewarded with a lot of red orbs if you follow the on-screen button commands. You can play the minigame as many times as you want, but the amount of orbs you get is drastically reduced after the first time. Dock of Athens: God of War on PS2

Dock of Athens: God of War on PS2

To reach the deck and the Athens docks, continue through the ship and climb the ladder at the other end. Monsters will attack you as you cross the path that leads to the docks to the right. Continue around the docks, fighting off more monsters on the left before reaching an elevator platform. However, you can jump through the broken wall to your right before getting on the elevetor. You will land in a pool of water, from which you can hop up to a chest containing a Phoenix Feather.

To get back to the docks and the elevator platform, hop over the blocks to your right once you have the Phoenix Feather. You can reach a wooden platform with a few monstrous beasts by taking the elevator up. You’ll need to fight tactfully against these enemies if you want to keep your skin. They’re not as easy to throw around. The beasts will shove Kratos to the ground, temporarily stalling you while they finish their axe strike, so use quick attack combos to slice them up. However, be on the lookout for their counterattack. As soon as they do this, roll quickly away from the enemies to avoid their attack and return your own. There will be a total of three large beasts to fight, so don’t stop until they’re all gone.

The ruined Athens gate can be reached via a second elevator platform up ahead. A single enormous cyclops appears on the scene as soon as you arrive, and you must eliminate it. Get ready to dodge when the monster pulls back to attack with quick attack combos from a distance. Avoid Kratos to Kratos’ right when the cyclops comes at you. If you time it right, you should avoid the attack entirely, allowing you to resume your own combos. When you have reduced the monster’s strength, a CIRCLE will form around its head, allowing you to eliminate it with timed button combos.

Naturally, two more people arrive to replace that one who has passed away. You can avoid having to fight two at once if you kill the second cyclops quickly enough. Continue through the level until you’ve killed those two people by going toward the open doorway on your left (a hidden chest with red orbs is on your right after the doorway).

You’ll enter a room with several pillars just ahead of you. The wooden boxes at the base can be broken open to lower two of the pillars. To climb to the top and reach the next room, break these two boxes and jump onto the lowest pillar (lower left area). You shouldn’t, however, rush to break both boxes. First, break the box in the room’s lower left corner, just left of the entrance you used to get in. Jump on to the other crates from here and spiral around the room to get back to the end of the room closest to the camera. You can find a few chests, one of which contains a Gorgon’s Eye, by jumping onto higher pillars from here. You can then drop back down to destroy the second box and proceed into the next room.

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