Betio-Assault-Call of Duty: World at War: Final Fronts

PlayStation 2 | PS2 | War Begins

The beginning starts out with the player on a landing craft. Betio-Assault-COD: World at War: Final Fronts Exit the craft through the back, and then assault the beach at speed. Follow the squad members, then head left and stay crouched as Japanese machine guns will open fire immediately following the beach landing. The player will now be in a bunch of trenches, clear them of the Japanese forces in machine-gun nests and those in the trench itself. Use cover while advancing, and be aware of Banzai charges. Now enter the door at the end of the trench, turn right, and the player will come to a wall. Move into the left corner, and eliminate any opposition. The far “machine gun nests” will be taken out with an airstrike.

Betio-Assault-COD: World at War: Final Fronts

After the airstrike occurs, climb over the wall then head for the hut to the left and go through it to the other end. After having done that, enter the bunkers. Kill the soldiers and then follow through until outside. Once the player is out of the bunker, head for the building with the hole in it. Follow through and eliminate any threats on the way. Be on the lookout for grenades, they will be thrown relentlessly, and don’t try to throw them back because the enemy usually cooks their grenades. There is a tunnel bunker facing the player, follow through it and kill the forces inside the tunnel.

After making it through the tunnels, the player is to enter the next bunker to the left to place charges. Once done, get back out and return with the squad. Jump over the wooden obstacle and kill the soldiers guarding the next bunker. Go inside the bunker. Once inside, more Japanese soldiers will be encountered. Be careful, most of them are hiding behind boxes. Kill them, then advance to the door at the far end. Once done, a squadmate will open the door, which leads outside. Once outside, open fire on more enemy soldiers and be sure to kill the two in the bomb crater to the right. The player’s next objective is to go straight ahead and place more charges in the trench. Then follow the next trench through and fire on any enemies in it, place more charges in the trench and return to the squad.

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