Before the Loom | God of War 2 | Play Station Games

The lock on the large door at the base of the sloping walkway is odd. To find a crank, attack the left hand. Kratos will turn the crank by pressing R1, releasing the lock. To completely unlock the door, attack the right hand next and press R1. Before the Loom | God of War 2 | Playstation Games

Pass through the swinging blades and sneak up behind the door to stand in front of Clotho, the third and final sister. Start on the left, and keep an eye out for her stubby arm. To attack and temporarily disable the arm, jump and perform the Cyclone of Chaos. Grab the crank in the small alcove as soon as the arm is down and out and turn it to open an overhead gate.

Before the Loom | God of War 2 | Playstation Games

Take the short set of stairs on the right and jump back over the limp arm. You can get a quick jump and glide to the ledge of the alcove you just unlocked from the stairs. You can go up the wall to the ceiling from there. Back in front of Clotho and to the opposite side, continue along the ceiling. A second gate, similar to the one you just opened, is blocked by a few dead bodies. Swipe at the bodies while suspended from the ceiling to eliminate them.

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