Assassins Creed Black Flag: Memory 2 Devil's Advocate

Rescue survivors: You will be tasked with finding five survivors in the sea when the mission begins. Navigate the Restricted Area in search of shipwreck survivors in the distance before bringing them back to the ship. Assassins Creed Black Flag: Memory 2 Devil’s Advocate

Assassins Creed Black Flag: Memory 2 Devil’s Advocate

On the southern portion of the map, Blackbeard’s ship is docked at Mariguana Island. To locate the Queen Anne’s Revenge, place a marker there and sail toward it. Run to assist Blackbeard after docking your ship nearby.

SMOKE Bombs stun guards to death: You can quickly stun and kill multiple enemies by equipping smoke bombs. Go talk to Blackbeard once the area has been cleared of enemies. He wants you to steer his ship against the ocean warship. Get on board and set sail.
Make sure that all three of your cannons hit the target as you get close to avoid mortar attacks. Because Blackbeard’s ship lacks mortars, you will need to sail close to it and fire Heavy Rounds at it to cause damage. Get close to the ship when it is close to being destroyed so you can board it.

Take cover and shoot the nearby gunner from the top mast. Even though they are far away from you, their shots can do a lot of damage to you. To complete the mission, approach the Man O’ War’s lower mast and then target and air assassinate the ship’s captain.

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